Trio Exporters

About Us

Who We Are

We Are Trio Exporters,
A Leading Agriproducts Export Company.

Trio Exporters is a leading agriproducts export company headquartered in Kannur, Kerala, India. With a solid commitment to quality and sustainability, the company specializes in exporting premium-grade coconut, rice, and millet to diverse international markets, including the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Global Reach

Trio Exporters has established itself as a trusted supplier in international markets, primarily catering to the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Its products grace the shelves of supermarkets, restaurants, and households, thanks to the company’s commitment to consistency and reliability. By adhering to stringent quality checks, certifications, and international trade regulations, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for agriproduct imports.

Sustainability and Ethics

At the heart of Trio Exporter’s operations lies a deep respect for the environment and the communities it serves. The company is dedicated to sustainable farming practices that preserve the land’s fertility and biodiversity. Moreover, it actively engages in fair trade practices, ensuring that the farmers who contribute to its success receive fair compensation for their efforts.

Our Vision

Trio Exporters envisions itself as a beacon of agricultural excellence, bridging the gap between the bountiful lands of Kerala and the world’s tables. The company aims to continually expand its product portfolio, explore innovative cultivation methods, and broaden its global footprint while upholding its core values of quality, integrity, and sustainability.